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Background of study is the most important component of any research paper. Conducting the background of study for a research proposal is a preliminary step. The background of study covers discussion on the chosen subject area. It illuminates the reader about the existing body of knowledge on the chosen topic as well. It also highlights, and identifies the gaps within literature about a specific research problem. The study background is included in the introduction section of a research paper, or research proposal. In essence, it summarises the entire research in order to spark the reader’s interest.

It informs the reader about the previous studies, and history of the chosen topic as well. It justifies your research problem, and also why it is necessary, and different from previous studies. This article aims to inform readers about the importance regarding background of study within a research proposal. It will also guide you in terms of writing an effective background of study in your research proposals.

Let’s discuss this in detail;

What Is The Background Of The Study?

The background of study in research proposals has the following features;
  • The background of study is included in the introduction section of a paper.
  • Provides ample information on the selected topic.
  • Analyse the relevance regarding proposed statement of the problem with current literature on the topic.
  • Describes the steps, and methods for conducting research.
  • The possible impact of achieved results, and their implementation.
  • Recommendations, and solutions.
  • Provides context to the readers about your study.
  • Further refines, and develops your thesis statement while pinpointing the direction of your research.

Importance of the Background of Study

Incorporating the background of study in your research proposal evokes the reader’s confidence in your research. If you’re applying for university admission, grant, or in a journal for publication, you should write a good study background. A good background study puts good impression on the readers. Readers, or invigilators assess your capabilities and the strength of your research by only reading the background of study.

How to Write a Good Background of the Study?

You can take the following steps for writing a good background of the study for your research proposal;
  • Conduct preliminary research on your topic before writing anything and consult books, journals, and valid electronic sources.
  • Read extensively about your topic.
  • Make notes, and highlight the important findings, and arguments.
  • Please keep track of the sources that you’re using because you will have to cite them as well.
  • Develop a strong statement of the problem, and relevant questions.
  • Develop a hypothesis out of your questions.
  • Critically examine the literature relevant to your topic, and identify gaps.
  • Inform the reader about the existing body of knowledge on your topic.
  • Highlight the unexplored areas on your topic, and justify how you will cover them.
  • Significance of your study.
  • Incorporate recent studies on the selected topic, and justify your thesis statement.
  • Highlight the history of respective subject by using previous researches.

Things to Avoid in Background of the Study

  • Do not drag it, and avoid including unnecessary information.
  • The background of study should not be too long, or short.
  • Focus on including all the important details but try to be concise.
  • Avoid ambiguity and state all the important details to inform your reader.
  • Construct a story around the central theme of your research.
  • It is unnecessary to give a broad literature review as you can do that in the literature review section. Only incorporate the sources that strengthen your central argument.
  • Develop coherence in your ideas to make sure that the reader does not lose interest.
  • Discuss the themes in a chronological manner.

Background of the Study is Different from Literature Review

Many authors confuse the background of study with Literature review, but they’re both separate. Literature review section follows the background section of a research paper/proposal. It serves to strengthen the background study further, and is more comprehensive as well. It thoroughly discusses the entire literature on your topic and strengthens your thesis statement, and hypothesis as well.

In a nutshell, background of study should have the following features;
  • Provides the context of your study.
  • Talks about the broader research area, and highlights contemporary literature.
  • Briefly identifies the gaps in literature, and justifies thesis statement.
  • Includes reasons for conducting your research, and the possible impact of proposed solutions.


The background of study in dissertation research proposals plays a pivotal role in creating a lasting impression on the readers. So you should keep in mind that study background is different from the introduction. Introduction only provides preliminary information about your topic to the reader. The background of study justifies the reason as to why you conducted the research. Therefore, you should spend more time writing the study’s background to keep it both informative, and concise. We hope that the guidelines mentioned above will be helpful in writing a good background study for your research proposals.

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