What Is an Informative Essay? Best Informative Essay Examples

What Is an Informative Essay? Best Informative Essay Examples
Essay writing is a skill that is vital to secure high grades in academic studies. Various types of essay writing need different styles and abilities to write well. Informative, argumentative and narrative essays are the major types of essay writing. An informative essay is a type of essay in which the writer talks about any object, event or person. It also provides information related to any concept and phenomenon. In this type of essay, there is simply a need for relevant information to answer the required questions. This type of essay focuses on the complete information and makes an easy sense to understand the topic.

There are different points of writing an informative essay with quality content. First, understanding the event, person or phenomenon is important for you. This thing helps in developing an outline for the essay and structuring the ideas. The second important thing is the structure of the essay to adhere to information with the main theme. There are various types, parts and worthy topics to write an informative essay on. In case of any issue in writing essay, you can buy essay online from best writers. This article is a complete guide to know about informative essay and its types. It also describes the best example and way of writing the informative essay with its complete parts.

Types of Informative Essay

There are four main types of informative essays which are important to discuss here. Following are the details of these four types of essay writing:


It is a widely used type of informative essay in which information is provided in a simple way. This type of essay needs important information and values of the selected topic, object and person. It is the best type of essay for those readers that are reading about any phenomenon for the first time.


It is the most effective type of informative essay in which the writer discusses the concept with various opinions. This type of essay is full of arguments, evidences and examples related to the topic. There is a great need for critical evaluation and research to write an argumentative essay.


A narrative type of essay is important to write about any story, event or the history of an object. In this type of essay, experience is described with facts and figures to develop a conclusion. There is a need for creative writing and compelling skills with the relevant information to write a narrative essay.


It is a useful type of informative essay that provides the cause and effect of the object. It is an important essay writing type that needs arguments and empirical evidence to support the claim. It also needs in-depth knowledge of the topic and clear language to present cause and effect.

How to Write an Informative Essay

Working on an informative essay for a student is easy compared to an argumentative essay. But it is important to follow informative essay writing steps and instructions. It helps in writing a top-quality essay. Followings are some points and instructions that indicate how to write an informative essay.
  • First, select a clear topic, object or person to write an essay.
  • Research on the selected topic and collect more relevant information.
  • The information must be authentic and valid.
  • Collect data related to the selected topic from a reliable source.
  • Cite the source of information and support the claim.
  • After completion of needed information, make a draft of the essay.
  • Develop an outline by following the informative essay structure.
  • Format the document and put relevant information in the essay parts,
  • Proofread the parts and connect body parts with the thesis statement.
  • Revise essay according to checklist and submit.

Five Parts of Informative Essay

An informative essay has a complete structure and format for students to write quality content. Parts of the essay enhance the readability of the written information and connect each part with the other. Following five are the parts of an informative essay:


An introduction is the first part of an essay that provides a general view of the essay topic and structure. It also focuses on eye-catching information that develops the interest of readers to read the entire essay.


It is the second part of the essay that focuses on the history of an event or person. In this section, there is a complete background of the concept or topic with credible information.

Thesis Statement

It is a technical point and the most important part in an informative essay to carry out the theme in the entire essay. This is a statement about the topic theme, which is supported by the body paragraphs. Therefore, this statement must be clear and relevant to the topic and theme of the essay.

Body Points

Body points are the supportive paragraphs that contain relevant information about the thesis statement. All the body paragraphs relate to each other and support the thesis statement. All paragraphs contain a single idea with complete information relevant to the essay theme.


The conclusion is the last part of an informative essay that describes the main points of an essay. It is a complete part that concludes the entire essay theme concisely.

Example of Informative Essay

As discussed above, an informative essay is a type of essay that provides authentic information about an object or phenomenon. To describe an event or concept is the best example of an informative essay. For instance, “What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Business Industry”, is the best example of an informative essay. This topic provides information on how COVID-19 affects the business. In this way, it is the best example to write an informative essay on.

Informative Essay Topics

As the name of an informative essay indicates, it is a type of writing that provides information about any phenomenon or person. The followings are some important topics related to the informative essay.
  • History of Europe
  • Role of Women in Leadership
  • Community Health and Well-being
  • Land Pollution
  • Commonwealth Games


An informative essay is a piece of complete information about any person or concept. It has four types and five parts, as mentioned above in the article. There is a need to follow the instructions and structure of an informative essay to write effectively.

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